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Big food sucks. Big supplement is even worse. We all know
supplements don’t work (Just review this study from NW University “Vitamins,
supplements are a waste of money for most Americans”
  Sadly, this even includes your favorite green
powders (almost all are a hoax!)

I am a dad and a husband that was in search of real food
that didn’t make our stomachs curdle out of disgust from being pure greens or
pure sugar.  Supplements wouldn’t cut it
since they are almost all hype so I had to change it.  Consider these the ultimate cheat code for
life; one a day gets your 5 servings of fruits and veggies in less than 30
seconds and they can go wherever you go.

 I set out on a mission to create a smoothie that was faster,
easier, and tastier than what we made in the blender with no compromise. I
landed on freeze drying because it is the ultimate form of food preservation
and retains almost all of the nutrients.

 These are about empowering you to change your health and nutrition.
No hype, no craziness, just real food for real people that helps you live your
healthiest, happiest life without compromise.  

 From our family with love,


More Plants. Less Junk.

A tasty, veggie & fruit smoothie in 10 seconds flat! 3-5 cups of all natural freeze-dried fruits and veggies with no added sugar make an awesome, tasty, shake-and-go smoothie in less than 10 seconds! In other words, all killer no filler.

What Sets Us Apart?

Real food unlike the disgusting greens powders you are drinking today. Whole fruits and veggies are proven to help prevent diseases and aid in weight loss. Feel better with Switchback and take your life back.

Banana Berry Bite Fruits

Banana Berry Bite

Power. Energy. Gut Health. Cognitive Health. Packed with banana, berries and leafy greens this smoothie is your new best friend to start the day.

Tropic Roar Fruits

Tropic Roar

Gut Health. Antioxidants. Inflammation Regulation. A refreshingly delicious greens smoothie with a kiss of pineapple and mango.

Jungle Mango Fruits

Jungle Mango

Gut Health. Energy. Antioxidants. Mango with a hint of strawberry and your daily dose of greens in one serving will power you through your next goal.

So far I haven't found a flavor I don't like! Whether you make them as a stand alone smoothie or add them to something else they taste great. The fact that you can bring these smoothie packs anywhere make it perfect for an on the go lifestyle.

Quinn P.

These smoothies are awesome! Most green drinks I’ve tried sound good in theory but taste horrible! This smoothie tastes amazing and my kids think it’s a treat! Great way to start my day and get off to a healthy start.

Andrew C.

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