Variety Pack

$3.86 Per Serving
Size: 7 Pack

Skip The Prep - Instant Smoothie Packets

Forget the blender:  Switchback's variety pack is a great way to try all three of our health changing greens smoothies loaded with 3+ cups of freeze dried veggies and 1+ cup of freeze dried fruit in each packet. Over 90 cups of vegetables and fruit in a 21 pack and over 30 cups in a 7 in a pack.  From parents to kids, empower your health with the only shake and mix greens smoothie on the planet that delivers excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber without added junk found in supplements. Take control of your health today. 

Always free from: dairy, gluten, added sugar, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, GMOs, and warning labels. 

Doctor Approved and Mom Recommended: The ingredients support cognitive function and repair, regulate inflammation, aid in visual health, and are packed with antioxidants from the natural foods, oh and don't forget the gut health from the natural fiber!

Why customers drink 'em?

1) You want to feel better and live healthier

2) Convenience in getting more daily Fruits & Veggies

3) Weight Loss